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Our Rates

Because we are a home based business, our rates are very competetive.  We don't have the overhead that other accounting services do.  If you compare our rates you will see that many of our competition charge 50 to 100% more than we do.


It is difficult to estimate what our rates might be for your company so we have a free consultaion to try to better estimate what our fees will be. 


Our minimum charge is $300 for a corporation that has no activity and no accounting is required.


For a corporation with no employees, one page monthly bank statements and no complications, our fees would likely be no more than $1,000 all in.



When we prepare your tax returns, our accounting expertise is included in those fees. 


If you require special accounting work then our fees would range from $50 to $100 per hour.



Our rate is $50 per hour for bookkeeping for financial statements, GST returns, and payroll.

Personal Tax


Our rate start at $40 for a single basic personal tax return and $60 for basic couples personal tax returns.


If you have a sole proprietorship or partnership business and do the bookkeeping yourself then our fees would be around $100 for a single basic personal tax return and $120 for a basic couples personal tax return.  If we do the bookkeeping, then add $50 an hour for that.


If you have a complex personal tax return then we can estimate that for you but generally $150 would be our top end unless there are special circumstances.

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