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Our clients run a diverse range of businesses.  Together, our goal is the success of their business.  Our identification with a small business owners goals comes from being smalll business owners ourselves.  We are always looking for the challenge of something new from the entrepreneurs out there.


We at Majec Accounting are committed to your success. Contact us for a free consultation if any of the following situations apply to you:
~ You are contemplating incorporating either your business or starting a new corporation
~ Your company is newly incorporated
~ You are tired of the annual hassle with your current accounting provider
~ You believe that the services you now receive can be improved
~ You feel you are paying too much for your present services
~ You are seeking ways to reduce the taxes you now pay
~ You want to improve or expand your business

~ You have a tax or accounting question

  • Agriculture

  • Artists

  • Construction/renovations

  • Consultants and contractors

  • Daycare and dayhomes

  • Engineers

  • Esthetic products and services

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Hospitality industry

  • Information technology

  • Internet/online businesses

  • Not-for-profits

  • Project managers

  • Retailers

  • Trades

  • Truckers, expeditors

  • Wholersalers

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